Monday, July 28, 2008


Here we are at Disneyland.....check out the view.......

Bethany with some beautiful marigolds

California Screamin'

The Blue Bayou

Disneyland Railroad steam engine

Disneyland Marching Band

Bethany was such a good sport to pose for pictures....

The Jungle Cruise is a must

A very busy Main Street U.S.A

California Adventure

Needless to say we had a great time, if you want to know how to get on all the rides without having to wait all day, just ask. We have been given a tried and true ride schedule to follow on your visit to the park.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th Weekend in the White Mountains

Bethany and I went to the White Mountains to escape the heat of the Valley. We spent the evening of the 4th in Show Low for their fireworks show, it was great. On Saturday the 5th, we headed up towards Springerville to the Whiting Homestead for some more fun.
Here we are at Green's Peak

The great views from Green's Peak

Despite it being July in Arizona, it was 55 degrees at the top of Green's Peak.

Here is Lily and Merri Lyn getting ready to head out in the truck.

Mandy and Brooklyn enjoying little baby Jonathan.

The kids are showing us their fort.

Bethany with Adle, B.J., and Brisbane.

We mustn't forget Briley....or she would remind us.

Brisbane jumping out of the truck.

Ty, actually stopping for a split second so I can take his photo.

Merri Lyn, Adle, and Brisbane trying to keep warm.

Here is most of our group, Theron was back at the Homestead preparing dinner.

Sadly, we did have a bit of tragedy on our trip. We are all fine, but on our way down from Green's Peak Angela spotted an ATV that had ran off the road. Here is a link to an article about the accident.

Thankfully we had cell phone service so we could call the police. Bart was the one who kept a cool head and was able to do all that he could to help the one survivor.