Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Friend Matt

My good friend Matt Bachrach was killed in a car accident on September 7th. I have known Matt for about 1o years now and we were roommates as well. I wanted to share some memories and pay tribute to a dear friend who was called home. Matt was one of the most dynamic people I have ever met. The first time I met him he fell a sleep in an Institute class I was substitute teaching. The reason I know he was sleeping was that he was snoring.....Matt also knew a friend of mine and we were introduced. We hit it off well as friends. Myself, Matt and Shaun our mutual friend had decided to fly up to Salt Lake City for General Conference, I had purchased the plane tickets and Matt wanted to write me a check for the amount. He asked me' "How do you spell Hodges?" I replied to him, "H-O-D-G-E-S, but that's not my last name." He would still call me Hodges after all this time.

I also had the chance to work with him for most of the year 2005. Matt at the time was touring and performing at various cities across the country. In fact from April to December 2005 we went to 25 cities and 22 states. That song by Johnny Cash about being everywhere, I began to feel like it. Matt and I would drive great distances to each city and then fly home each Sunday morning so he could attend church with his family and to fulfill his callings. I learned a lot from Matt, he always told me that I had a great potential with whatever I decide to do. For those of you that do not know Matt, he had quite the sense of humor. We laughed most of the time we worked together, he was always cracking jokes and making faces at me. I will treasure those memories forever.

My heart goes out to Matt's wife Brenda and their 2 boys. They have a 3rd boy on the way any week now. It is never easy to lose someone that you love, but I am certainly glad that knowing we have a loving Father in Heaven that provides a way for families to be together forever.

I count myself fortunate to have known Matt and am grateful for the time we had to work together and travel the country. Matt wrote a song called "Along for the Ride," I can certainly say that I was glad to be along for the ride in knowing Matt. God be with you til' we meet again.