Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marilyn's Birthday

We invited a few friends over to celebrate Marilyn's birthday.

Of course the Grandkids stole the show.

The grandkids sure do love their Aunt Bethany.

Merrilyn is hanging on to Bethany.

Of course the seasoned veteran's are talking shop.

Angela gives Hayden a finger (not THE finger)

I must say that all of the siblings made some great food. I am surrounded by great cooks.

Ty and Lily are playing in the sandbox.

Hayden and Heartlee took a moment off from texting to pose for a photo.

Friends sit and talk about how things used to be...........

Dessie and Kathe enjoying the fall decorations.

Of course, Bob and Fei Fei had a great time.

What we love about Arizona is the beautiful sunsets. It made the evening just perfect.

Happy Birthday Marilyn!

There was another addition to Marilyn's family, here is little Ruby. Of course Marilyn calls it Ruby Star....but rest assured it will answer to Ruby. The puppy came from Angela's dog Sadie's litter. Ruby's father is Morgan and Shawna's dog Cola, so this dog really is family. What a cute little pup!