Monday, November 3, 2008

Butterflies, Halloween and Fun!

Why does it always seem to get so much busier around the middle of October? Well, at least we have things to blog about now! I had a good time going to the Butterfly Exhibit with Ty, Jonathan, Amanda, and Mom at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Ty was somewhat interested by the fluttering insects, but I am pretty sure he would have been fascinated if they were scarier and sucked your blood. Jonathan was as cute as ever. And it was blasted hot outside! It's October for Pete's sake!

I had to laugh at Amanda's giant stroller! Big enough for two!
I absolutely love Jonathan's face here! What a crack-up! He totally reminds me of his Grandpa Brown with that expression. For such a smiley guy, you'd think I would be able to get just one smile for the camera. He wasn't up to it that day though, and with such heat, I don't blame him a bit!

My husband was a good sport and agreed to dress up for Halloween. We'll probably recycle these costumes for years. Or at least for the Renaissance Festival! It was hard to find matching outfits that wasn't a slutty pirate for me or something completely ridiculous for Ryan. But we had fun being Lancelot and Guinevere. We got to wear them twice this year: once, to our ward trunk-or-treat party (We had to dress up--We're the activities committee leaders!) and then on Halloween night. We went trick-or-treating with Ty (a scary fireman--but no bloody ax!) and Jonathan (the most adorable spider ever!). A few people asked if we wanted candy too. I was tempted, but didn't take them up on it. Then we went to watch scary movies with friends. A good Halloween!