Monday, December 22, 2008

Las Vega$$$$!

Okay, the title is misleading. We won absolutely no money in Vegas! :-( But we still had a great time! Here are some photos of the trip.

At Ceasar's palace in the shopping area

At the Cirque du Soliel Love show. We loved it! It was truly amazing. We reccommend it strongly to anyone! Probably the most kid-friendly show in Vegas!

From the Bellagio looking at the Paris Hotel and Casino.

At the Bellagio atrium.

Ty loved the fake plastic snow in the Atrium!

Sunday Brunch at the Bellagio. Stuffed ourselves yet again!

"Volcanic" activity at the Mirage.
At the Luxor where we stayed.

Bethany, Amanda and Sarah. We all agree that the Bellagio had the best Christmas decorations of any of the hotels!Again at the Bellagio. . .
The fountains are magnificent any time of the year!

Ryan gambling away. . .

The bridge being constructed over the Hoover Dam. We can't wait until it is completed! We were held up for 2 hours on our return to Arizona because of the slow-moving traffic.
All in all a good trip but I can't believe Christmas is this week!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little Joys

November was a wonderful month to spend with family and friends. Here are a few photos to share just a little of our fun:

First we have little Lily. She spent the day with Grandma and Aunt Bethany. We love her because she is a girly-girl through and through! We've never seen a little girl so interested in her pretty clothes (it's a struggle to get her to wear pants!) She insisted on a fashion show with the dress-up clothes.
Her full-pantaloon outfit.

Her white slip ballgown. What an angel!

And her patriotic pose.

Next comes our little nephew Jonathan. . . .

Jonathan and Ryan doing some bonding at Amy's wedding. Jonathan is taking a very thorough study of his Uncle Ryan.

Jonathan decided he liked the taste of his Uncle Ryan too!

We were horrible about getting some Thanksgiving phtotos, so we were determined to take some of us decorating our little place for Christmas!

We love our little tree!
And now for the progress on little Ruby and her growth! Check out those paws! She is going to be quite the dog as she gets older.

Ryan and I celebrated our 9 months of marriage on Dec. 1st! It's gone by so quickly!