Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Tis the Season . . .

Here is our pre-Christmas blog post. I kind of skipped over Thanksgiving, so we'll catch up here. We can't wait for Bronwyn's first Christmas! Of course she couldn't care less as long as she is being held. . . Having a new little one makes the whole season even more special.

This picture just makes me laugh because it is so posed! Thanks to Grandma Brown and her beautiful fireplace!

Did I mention how much I love to watch Bronwyn sleep? She goes to bed late, but she loves to sleep in . . . she doesn't like it when mom has to wake her up in the morning. She reminds me of a teenager already.

Our Thanksgiving family photo

Ryan carving the turkey. . . He used a new citrus recipe this year. Yummy!

Bronwyn having fun with Great-Grandma Marcie on Thanksgiving

Daddy found a new trick to do with his little girl, he calls it "Super Girl" because she sticks her legs straight out. I am always worried she is going to spit up.

With her oldest cousin Hayden . . . she's not too impressed. :-)

Chillin' with cousin Brisbane

Couldn't resist this picture of her folding arms . . .

Tummy time! You can't see her face, but just know that she is crying because she hates tummy time!

In the hand-made dress from her Uncle Glen and Aunt Barb. . .

All wide-eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blessed Day!

Bronwyn had her blessing on November 1. She was a little angel baby that day (thank goodness!). We truly appreciate all the friends and family able to come and share the day with us, although we didn't get many photos taken of you! It was a very special and beautiful blessing day.

Our first family picture

With Nana Susan

Snapsots and Poses

We like to think that she is really smiling at us . . .
I have discovered that there is nothing sweeter to look at than a sleeping baby.
Miss Bronwyn loves her dad

And she has a natural little mohawk curl. . .

Her first time in her swing

About 3 weeks old and lifting her head to stare at Dad

Her expression reads "What are you planning on doing to me?"

She's not quite sure how she feels about this . . .

But she loves her cuddly towel!

Too Cute to Scare!

We had a fun first Halloween with little Bronwyn. It makes me look forward to all the fun holidays ahead to share with her!



Our little "candycorn" with Mom
With Grandma Brown
With Cousin Brooklyn

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Baby Girl!

Now that we have a child, we won't have to work so hard to find a reason to update our blog! :-) Bronwyn changes so much each day, and it is so fun to capture her little personality. It's only been a few weeks, but I can't imagine my life without her. Pardon our new parent over-excitement. . . .

Her favorite spot!

Posing with Great-Grandma Marcie

Modeling for the camera already

Looking adorable in her first dress that Daddy bought

Pondering deep thoughts

At her first photo session in the cute oufit from Grandma Brown

Not amused by her parents' antics

With cousin Taylor

And cousin Jake

Wrapped up in a Bronwyn burrito

Going gangsta style for the Harry Potter Party

With cousin MerriLyn

Bonding with her Grandma Brown

Snoozing the time away

Our precious little angel