Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dancing with the Browns

We had our 3rd Annual Dancing with the Brown's Competition in December. It's fun to see the different couples and what dances they create.

Our very esteemed and impartial judges . . . Shawna, Dessie and Morgan

The first dancers stole our hearts, Ty and Lily! Ty was such the male leader.

Hayden and Briley boogied down to ABBA's Dancing Queen, much to Hayden's disappointment.

Theron and Merri Lyn used her "wheelies" and some fancy flips to gain points with the judges.

A solo dance for Brisbane showed his manly moves.

Adle and Hayden showed their musical talents during the intermission.

Adle and Angela moved with grace and beauty and a daring moustache.

Ryan and I danced to "Oh What a Night!" by the Four Seasons. He was a good sport to participate and dance with his wife. And I even got him to practice!

HeartLee and Brooklyn busted a move in colorful costumes and unique dance-styling.

BJ and Amanda got down to a funky beat that had everyone cheering.

While the Judges tally the votes and their scores an impromtu dance line began with everyone taking a turn.

After a fierce dance-off between the finalists the winners are. . . BJ and Amanda and HeartLee and Brooklyn!!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas 2008

Hayden and HeartLee with Dessie

Hayden after opening gifts

Little Jonathan and Grandma enjoying a moment

Ty found a great use for big box

Mandy with Ty and Jonathan, looking cute in their matching PJ's

Bethany in her ASU PJ's

Ryan holding up some of his presents (Bethany always finds exactly what I wanted)

Jonathan's at the stage where he puts everything in his mouth

Here is another of Grandma and Jonathan, he kept the cap on just about long enough to take the picture

HeartLee and Dessie lounging around

Jonathan learning how to open a present

Ty holding up some toys he got from Santa

Jonathan enjoying time with Aunt Bethany

Ty with Grandma

Jonathan and Bethany

Marilyn opening a gift

We had dinner at my Grandma's and here is Stacy and Jeff after dinner

Taylor rocking out on her iPod

Jake and my Grandma

Christmas dinner at my Grandma's

We are so grateful to have wonderful families, Christmas was great. The most important part is enjoying time with family.