Monday, March 30, 2009

These past couple months . . .

We've been keeping busy with new jobs, new job locations, birthdays, family visits, thinking about the upcoming new arrival in our lives. It's time for another update I guess.

My mom always has a beautiful garden every year. She truly has a green thumb and I hope one day to have a little area that I can try to emulate her example.

Jonathan is such a cutie pie! I love his smile and laugh. How could that little face not warm your heart?!

My husband was so sweet to organize a wonderful birthday weekend for me. We went to California and I stayed with my cousin Nikki and her husband Darren, but as an added plus we got to see Lexi and Casey, Misha, Arden and Uncle Phil, and Timmy and his family too! I was happy to spend time with family and to get Ryan introduced properly (reunions don't always count!) On our return, Ryan put on a nice birthday celebration for family and friends. He barbequed some yummy fish and steaks, and everyone brought such great food. I was so spoiled. The party landed on our FIRST ANNIVERSARY too. It 's crazy to think we've been married over a year now. How time flies by!

18 year old (!) Hayden and his Aunt Amanda
Michael and Joe who arrived despite traffic issues. . .

My wonderful husband
Ty boy had a fun time "painting" walls and windows with a stick. Hey, it kept him entertained!

Amanda and Lindsey looking so pretty!

Blowing out the candles. . . no there were not 29 of them! :-) I don't need a full reminder of how old I am!

HeartLee and her little buddy Jonathan

Opening all of my so wonderful gifts

HeartLee and I in our balloon popping race