Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Nation's Capital, The Hot & The Cold

We had a great trip to Washington D.C. We stayed with Bethany's cousin Chelsea and her husband Andrew. They were the best hosts ever! They treated us like DC royalty. Thanks guys!

Here we are at Little Roundtop in Gettysburg.

The view from Little Roundtop, Gettysburg, PA.

Bethany and Chelsea on our hike to Great Falls, the Maryland side of the Potomac. It was nice to get out in the forest and nature after spending a few days touring DC.

Bethany and I near Great Falls.

I look more pregnant than Bethany in this one.

Great Falls Maryland side.

Bethany and Chelsea over looking Great Falls.

More Great Falls.

We met up with Bethany's friends from High School, Sokphal and Seema at a good Peruvian Restraunt. They spoiled us with presents for the new baby. We are set to go now!

Here I am at the FDR Memorial. When we were there, one of the kids from a tour group commented on how big the dog was, neglecting the 8+ foot tall FDR.

I wanted to get a shot of the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument together.

Jefferson Memorial.

Here we are at the Lincoln Memorial.

Vietnam memorial, this is a very special place.

View of the Lincoln Memorial from the WWII Memorial.

I really like taking pictures of the Washington Monument, I like the different looks it has depending on where you view it from.

It's always fun stopping a passer by to take a photo, you never know what you are going to get. This one turned out nice.

Another view of the Washington Monument. Completely different feel in this photo.

Here is an exhibit at the American History Museum.

Bethany looks much more Presidential than me.

The Constitution at the National Archives.

No, I am not saluting the Fuhrer.....

Here are some Tulips in front of the Capital.

A view of the Capital Dome through the trees.

Inside the Rotunda of the Capital.

Outside the Capital. What a great country where we can walk up to our Nation's Capital and go in and see our government in action (inaction)....you can decide which word suits the best.

Bethany all bundled up.

Okay, Ruby didn't come with us to D.C., but she was too cute to leave out of this entry.
D.C. was truly a great experience. We saw many museums and went through our fair share of metal detectors. The most frustrating thing is the weather, one minute it's 55 degrees and rainy, and then it's 70 degrees and sunny. Not the easiest to plan for. All in all, we realize that we will need many more trips to see all that we wanted to see, but that's the great part, we can come back and keep learning about our country.