Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day this year we went up north for cooler temperatures. We also had the opportunity to improve the gravesite of Bethany's father. Only someone from St. Johns would have predicted the dramatic change in weather from the sunshine to the very cold winds that followed.

Here are Morgan, Bart and BJ mixing some concrete for the footings.

Hayden pitching in and helping mix concrete.

Bart pouring concrete into the ditch. Thanks to Bart for his knowledge of construction, and all of his hard work, there is no way we could have done this without him.

The Cemetary in St. Johns sort of reminds me of an old west cemetary. There are people there that were buried in the 1860's.

Ty was even helping out. He was also determined to make sure that our "food delivery" came on time.

Theron or as Mandy affectionately calls him, "Gimpy" was there despite his injury.

The Peanut Gallery:

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Baby's Progress - The Best Mother's Day Gift!

We got an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and it looks like everything is progressing really well. If you can tell in the picture, the baby's legs are still up over the head. Looks pretty cramped in there! P.S. We're still not finding out what it is! :-)