Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's the heat. . .

So here is a picture of the growing belly. . . . Sorry no ultrasound pictures. The baby was just too wiggly and we didn't get any good images. What a little munchkin! But I will have another ultrasound in two weeks and I hope that the baby will behave! :-) This was taken on Father's Day, but no picture of the soon-to-be father! Sorry Ryan, but I know you'll be the best daddy ever!
The Hall Boys came over and helped me clean my car. It was covered in bird poop! (My car is a magnet for birds to crap on.) Thanks for your help Ty and Jonathan! Little Jonathan got into the mud and plastered himself with it. My dear sister did snap a photo of me in my swimsuit cleaning the car, but there is no way that picture will be posted! :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bethany's Two Weeks in Idaho

I was fortunate to be able to spend two weeks in Island Park, Idaho, with my mother at her cabin this summer. We had some crazy weather--at least for those of us from hot AZ. We had about 3 hailstorms (where the hail is actually big!) and one snowfall. Yes, it was hard to believe it was June! But we also had a relaxing time just enjoying the cool weather. We were joined by the Smithsons my last few days there and they certainly brought some energy and excitement and they brought the good weather with them! The hardest part about the whole trip was being away from my wonderful husband for the whole time. I sure missed him! Sometimes phone calls just don't cut it, do they? It's good to be back, but I miss the cool weather.

Picture of the snowfall that stayed on the ground all morning, but pretty much melted by the afternoon.

View of the mountain from my mom's cabin. . . I forgot the name!

The River running near my mom's cabin, Henry's Fork of the Snake River.

I couldn't resist trying to take a photo of the amazing vistas and the sky. There is a reason this area is called Big Sky Country. Too bad a picture can never capture the absolute majesty of the view.

My mom at her beloved cabin.

Mom at Big Springs. If Arizona had a source of water like this, it would be the most celebrated area.

The water comes out of Big Springs source and immediately forms an enourmous river.

Angela and I at Big Springs

My mother's favorite place in West Yellowstone, The Bear and Wolf Center.

The glass partition allows the wolves to come up close and unknowingly make great poses for photographs.

On my last day the Smithson's and I went into Yellowstone National Park. We saw lots of bison and a few elk, eagles, and geese.
The Smithsons (in order): Angela, MerriLyn, Lily, Adle, Brisbane, and Bart.

MerriLyn waiting for Old Faithful. Yes, it was a little cold.

Old Faithful as it is dying down.

Old Faithful showing off.

The Paint Pots of Yellowstone. We enjoyed these more than Old Faithful. (Shh! Don't tell anyone!)

I don't look so hot in this picture, but it does show some progression in the pregnancy.

More of the Paint Pots. They all smell like rotten eggs and so did we by the time we were done hiking through.

The Smithsons in front of the Spasm Geyser going off at the Paint Pots. It was pretty exciting, and stinky!

Being enveloped in the sulfuric mists of the Spasm Geyser.

Yellowstone is a strange and wonderful place with amazing sites. (I believe this photo was taken by either MerriLyn or Brisbane.)