Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ultrasounds and strollers

Well, we have another Ultrasound photo of our little baby, but the little one keeps their hands near their face so we can't get a good photo. Nonetheless, here is the latest photo. Bethany will tell you that the baby loves to kick and put some pressure on her ribs. She is such a trooper for having to go through the last few months of pregnancy in this miserable heat.

We have also been stroller shopping. We found a BOB stroller on Craig's List and decided to buy it. It's our first big baby purchase and we are happy with it. We had to drive quite a distance to the seller's house, for those of you in Arizona, they people lived near Ironwood and Ocotillo Roads. They were actually 5 miles east of there......but it was worth it for the savings. We may venture back on Craig's List again for some good deals.