Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Tis the Season . . .

Here is our pre-Christmas blog post. I kind of skipped over Thanksgiving, so we'll catch up here. We can't wait for Bronwyn's first Christmas! Of course she couldn't care less as long as she is being held. . . Having a new little one makes the whole season even more special.

This picture just makes me laugh because it is so posed! Thanks to Grandma Brown and her beautiful fireplace!

Did I mention how much I love to watch Bronwyn sleep? She goes to bed late, but she loves to sleep in . . . she doesn't like it when mom has to wake her up in the morning. She reminds me of a teenager already.

Our Thanksgiving family photo

Ryan carving the turkey. . . He used a new citrus recipe this year. Yummy!

Bronwyn having fun with Great-Grandma Marcie on Thanksgiving

Daddy found a new trick to do with his little girl, he calls it "Super Girl" because she sticks her legs straight out. I am always worried she is going to spit up.

With her oldest cousin Hayden . . . she's not too impressed. :-)

Chillin' with cousin Brisbane

Couldn't resist this picture of her folding arms . . .

Tummy time! You can't see her face, but just know that she is crying because she hates tummy time!

In the hand-made dress from her Uncle Glen and Aunt Barb. . .

All wide-eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go!