Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bronwyn's First Christmas

Bronwyn's first Christmas was fun! At least for her mom and dad. She was just happy being held whenever possible.
We spent Christmas Eve with Ryan's family and here is Bronwyn with her Nana Susan.

Ryan's family enjoying a nice dinner of prime rib

With Cousin Jake and Aunt Shelly. Bronwyn's showing off her new mohawk hair do

With Uncle Todd

With Cousin Taylor

On Christmas Morning with Daddy

In her bumbo chair after opening presents

Christmas Morning with Cousin HeartLee

Grandma Brown

Ty, Jonathan and HeartLee

Ryan opening gifts

Hayden spent his morning tuning the zither

Ty is the Christmas Elf

Grandma reading to Ty

The Brown Family at the Nutcracker

Bronwyn being serenaded by Cousin Hayden

The Annual Dancing with the Browns - Grandma and Jonathan take their turn

The night turned into a light-filled disco

Uncle Ryan and Lily take do their dance and she was pleased to be a princess