Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A little trip to California

We went to California for a little getaway and to see how "little B" does on a road trip.

We visited our friends Ryan and Shilo Munk and they came and rode bikes with us on the beach.

We made a stop at the Santa Monica Pier, Bronwyn loved it and was smiling at everyone.

Here we are at Dana Point Harbor, I used to live near here and it was fun to come back and see it.

Bronwyn and Bethany in Dana Point.

Bronwyn really loves her hat, we are going to have a little fashion diva on our hands.

It was a great trip and a fun time away from home. We found out that Bronwyn can travel pretty good, but travelling at night is best for her. We also made some fun stops but didn't take any pictures. If you ever want to try some Chicken and Waffles we recommend Roscoe's....