Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Fun!

So far Bronwyn has had an exciting summer (at least for her!). It is strange to think that this time last summer, I was still pregnant with our "Little B." Now I just can't imagine life without her.

My first Mother's Day

We took Bronwyn to the Whiting Homestead for the first time over Memorial Day. I think she had a good time. It was lovely to be out of the heat at least for a while.

You have to have a picture of Sierra Trigo in the background

I hope that Bronwyn enjoys the Homestead as much as her mom

Taking a stroll with Dad. Thank goodness for a stroller that can go over the ruts and bumps.

In one of her new summer dresses

Meeting Cousin Cash for the first time. I love how babies interact with each other. Bronwyn is usually trying to pull hair or grab at clothes. She has made other babies cry in the past. I am not sure where the aggression comes from . . .

We had to take Bronwyn to get her blood drawn this month. It was not an experience I would like to repeat. The doctor was worried that she was not gaining weight, so he wanted to take some tests. She screamed the whole time, but she was more angry at being held down than the actual needle. The nurse said she had good veins for one so small. Happily all the tests came back normal, so I guess I did a lot of worrying for no reason. :-)

Father's Day with Daddy. Sadly this is the best photo of the two together. I am very pathetic. But it does show how much fun she has with her Dad and how much they love each other. Ryan bought her the onesie she is wearing too!

Bronwyn has discovered a new fun game: Playing in mom and dad's bed while they are changing the sheets. It's the best game of peek-a-boo ever! Plus she looks like she is ready to boot us out of our own bed and take over sleeping there.