Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ryan's Birthday, Family Reunion, and August photos

Starting the month of August off, we celebrated Ryan's birthday. I am sorry we didn't get a photo of the amazing cake my sister and niece made him: a twelve layer cake with the most delicious frosting! It is my new favorite. . .

Bronwyn doesn't seem to enjoy our birthdays. Perhaps because the attention is not on her...?
Whiting Reunion 2010
We had a good time visiting with family in the cool mountain air. It rained every day, but coming from the heat it wasn't so bad. Little Bronwyn sleeping in her favorite spot. I have to remember on our next visit to bring twice the amount of pants for her. Kids attract dirt like nothing I've ever seen.

The strangest phenomenon of all was the way a heavy cloud of fog just rolled in and covered everything. I have never seen this at the homestead in all my life! It made for a very creepy setting. Perfect for ghost stories about ancestors haunting the Homestead.

A few random shots of Little B
Are we raising a couch potato? She loves her Baby Einstein movies. . .

She has the funniest scoot-crawl I've ever seen. She drags one leg and has the other one sticking out like a spider. Aunt Amanda calls her "Thump-drag"

She loves to cuddle her teddy bears! I couldn't resist taking a photo. She is such a poser.

August went by way to fast. I can't believe in a few weeks my baby will be 1 years old. I am really kind of freaking out about it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010! Part 2 - Montana

Yes, we took tons of pictures during our vacation. So much so that I had to break up the blog posts. But up in that part of the country, it's hard not to point and click at everything. Not to mention we just wanted to capture every moment of Bronwyn's first vacation and her sweet expressions.

Island Park, ID, is not far from the border of Montana, so we spent a lot of our vacation time in that state as well.

Ennis, Montana. A cute western town with a fun mainstreet made for a nice day trip from the cabin.

Bronwyn points at everything now. Right now I think it is precious, but hopefully she will outgrow that trait when she gets older.

Note the little cowboy boots on Bronwyn. They didn't stay on her feet long that day.

West Yellowstone. The entrance to Yellowstone Park. It is only about a 20 minute drive from the cabin so we went there quite a bit.
Our favorite stop was the Grizzly Bear and Wolf Museum/Park.

I love the way Bronwyn's eyes shine when she gets excited about something

Daddy and daughter posing together

I love how such simple things make her happiest, like playing with some pinecones on the side of the road.

One of the Grizzly Bears foraging for food.

The wolf pack in action
YELLOWSTONE! Of course this was the highlight of our trip to take the drive through the park and see the sights. We picked the busiest season of Yellowstone history to make our visit. . . It really was crowded but still so amazing.

Ryan at the Rainbow pots

At the Spasm Geyser

Hurray for Old Faithful!

Waiting for a herd of Buffalo to leisurely cross the road. . . .

Yes, this picture is real and not from a post card. Ryan took this awesome shot of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It really is that gorgeous!

Lower falls of the Yellowstone river

Bronwyn's highlight of the day? To sit in the green patch of grass and pull up flowers, grass, rocks, sticks and pinecones.

We just can help but marvel at those first people to come upon Yellowstone and what they must have thought about such a crazy but awe-inspiring place. We surely enjoyed our drive through the park and we are already thinking of what we want to see on our next trip there.

Summer Vacation 2010! Part 1 - Utah and Idaho

This July we drove up to Island Park, Idaho, to spend about two weeks at my mother's cabin. We had a wonderful time. It was so nice to be able to do what we wanted, when we wanted—even if that was nothing at all! Bronwyn did pretty well with the drive, especially since we had her own little DVD player with Baby Einstein videos constantly running.... What a great trip to start those annual summer family vacations.

In our long drive we had some fun stops in Utah as well.

Stopping in Glendale at the Berry Family Monument. My dad would be so proud!

Stopping at Temple Square in Salt Lake

Exploring the backyard at Grandma Brown's cabin in Island Park

Bronwyn was so excited to see her grandma after a few months--it was like they had never been parted!

Our make-shift bathtub. Yes, out daughter can fit into a salad bowl. And yes, she does make evil adorable faces.

Bronwyn was content as usual to be held all the time, especially by grandma.

In Grandma's and Aunt Julie's "special grove." She looks so grown up in this photo!

Bronwyn still likes to chew on her feet sometimes. I promise that we feed her enough! As usual, her foot is sticking straight up as well. I marvel at her flexibility.

Not far from my mother's cabin is a beautiful site called Big Springs, and it truly is Big and beautiful.

There is an historical cabin built by John Sacks on the springs. It was fun to go and visit and see inside.

Bronwyn's highlight was chasing the seagulss and trying to catch them.

Ryan and I loved seeing a moose very close up just hanging out by the path around the springs!

We drove up Sawtelle Mountain. The view from the top was so amazing. Not only could you see other mountains, but you saw the entire valley with the rivers, ponds, lakes dotting the landscape.

Bronwyn among the wildflowers on Sawtelle Mountain. I could not believe the sheer abundance and variety of wildflowers in the area. It was so amazing to just look out and see a rainbow covering the ground.

Mesa Falls - One of our favorite sites this trip. It is just unreal for an Arizonan girl like me to see the amount of water gushing forth over the cliff.

Dangling Bronwyn over the edge. . . ha ha.

Idaho was simply gorgeous!