Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ryan's Birthday, Family Reunion, and August photos

Starting the month of August off, we celebrated Ryan's birthday. I am sorry we didn't get a photo of the amazing cake my sister and niece made him: a twelve layer cake with the most delicious frosting! It is my new favorite. . .

Bronwyn doesn't seem to enjoy our birthdays. Perhaps because the attention is not on her...?
Whiting Reunion 2010
We had a good time visiting with family in the cool mountain air. It rained every day, but coming from the heat it wasn't so bad. Little Bronwyn sleeping in her favorite spot. I have to remember on our next visit to bring twice the amount of pants for her. Kids attract dirt like nothing I've ever seen.

The strangest phenomenon of all was the way a heavy cloud of fog just rolled in and covered everything. I have never seen this at the homestead in all my life! It made for a very creepy setting. Perfect for ghost stories about ancestors haunting the Homestead.

A few random shots of Little B
Are we raising a couch potato? She loves her Baby Einstein movies. . .

She has the funniest scoot-crawl I've ever seen. She drags one leg and has the other one sticking out like a spider. Aunt Amanda calls her "Thump-drag"

She loves to cuddle her teddy bears! I couldn't resist taking a photo. She is such a poser.

August went by way to fast. I can't believe in a few weeks my baby will be 1 years old. I am really kind of freaking out about it!


Lindsey Springfield said...

aww not thump drag! haha we need to think of a cuter name for her. ;) love the updates!!

Lindsey Springfield said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! I gotta hear more about the 12 layer cake!

Brennon & Amber Adams said...

Your little girl is so dang cute! I can't believe she is going to be one already! It seems like time goes by so much faster when you have kids.

Amanda said...

I love the picture of the misty homestead...wasn't that so cool! So glad you guys were there to hang out with!